Marmalade SDK News – Tim Closs on why the Marmalade SDK is so good

Interview with Tim Closs the CTO of the cross platform smart phone and tablet SDK, Marmalade SDK at Blackberry Devcon 2011 conference. Tim mentions how the Marmalade SDK is a good choice for bringing premium content to a variety of platforms (iOS, Android, Bada, Playbook, Symbian, LG TV and more) using the same code base and programming language. Many well known developers are already on board including big game publishers such as Electronic Arts, Popcap, Konami, Activision as well as many indie developers such as ourselves.

Tim then goes on to explain how cross platform development is possible using the Marmalade SDK as well as how super easy it is to re-target a full range of different mobile and emerging technology platforms with very few changes (This we have proved from our own experience with the Marmalade SDK). He also explains how code compiled for the Marmalade SDK is “native”, which means full throttle gaming with no VM’s getting in the way.

Tim then mentions how we took our game BattleBallz Chaos from our existing platforms (iPhone, iPad, Android, Bada) straight to Blackberry Playbook within 24 hours of getting our hands on a Blackberry Playbook. (4 hours tweaking and signing, the rest of the time was spent waiting for approval from RIM).

Tim finally gives some brief information on how Marmalade SDK licensing works.

Nice work Tim and thank you for the mention!

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