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Publishing digital media content has become very popular these days with so many new platforms for presenting a publishers content. With the creation of new technologies such as digital e-book readers (Kindle and iPad to name a few) digital print media content has now been brought to the masses by way of a handy convenient application that can be purchased directly on the device itself. Not only that, these smart devices allow end users to purchase subscriptions to your content directly on the phone / device. This new digital distribution eco-system opens up incredible low risk opportunities for content developers, including magazine publishers, newspaper publishers, book authors and comic authors to publish their own content in their own time to multiple high demand platforms.

Publishing digital media content to smart phone platforms such as Apple iPhone, iPad, Google Android and Windows Phone 7 may appear to be a daunting task and can be quite expensive. However, using Print2app’s ( new online service, publishing digital / print media content to smart phone platforms is easy, quick and very cost effective. You simply supply your content in either Microsoft Word or Adobe PDF format and Print2App build you your very own application (usually within 24 hours) that can be sold (or even given away) on the Apple iPhone, iPad, iPod store.

Print2App are working hard to produce readers for the Android and Windows Phone 7 platforms further increasing the potential exposure of your content.

If your business publishes content in any of the following areas then don’t hesitate to get in touch with Print2App at

  • Magazines, print, electronic or interactive magazine
  • Books, print, e-book or interactive book
  • Comics, print, e-comic or interactive comic
  • Newspapers, electronic or interactive
  • Content driven web sites
  • Most other types of media including 2D and 3D games

If you do not currently publish your content to a digital platform then Print2App will help you monetise your content. If you already publish your content via a digital publishing platform then still get in touch as Print2App can publish content from as little as £499 and in many cases waiver production costs for a percentage of royalties