Goji Game and App Editor beta is now available

The Goji Editor has finally entered beta and is now available for download from www.gojieditor.com. What is the Goji Editor? One of the more difficult processes involved in developing applications and games is how to¬†create and¬†organise the content. By organising content we refer to managing all of the elements that… Read more“Goji Game and App Editor beta is now available”

Marmalade Offering FREE licenses

Marmalade the developers of one of the most powerful cross platform mobile and desktop development systems the Marmalade SDK are now offering FREE licenses. Marmalade are committed to ensuring that developers have the tools to deploy to established and emerging platforms first. What is the Marmalade SDK? The Marmalade SDK… Read more“Marmalade Offering FREE licenses”

New Marmalade SDK FAQ

I trawl the Marmalade SDK forums from time to time and I see many questions that come up from time to time. In an attempt to answer those questions and cut down Marmalade forum traffic I have started a Marmalade SDK FAQ that should hopefully help fellow Marmalade developers find… Read more“New Marmalade SDK FAQ”

Marmalade 6.0 is out NOW!

**** IwGame does not compile with Marmalade 6.0. To fix please comment out the following line at the top of IwGameImage.cpp for now. We will release an early update this week to fix it **** //#include “pngstruct.h” Ok, its not often I look in my email box and find good… Read more“Marmalade 6.0 is out NOW!”